Beam Section

H-Beam Section

H-Beam Sections

MCL H-I3eam section usually a Shape made from individual flat plates welded together. Structural Steel Members are load carrying Member usually use for primary frame structure.

The built up H-Beam section for steel structure adds a new dimension to your project or applications. It is efficient light weight and economical to your project because of its limitless size (H*B) and length. The designer can design the beam with a wide range of flexibilities of its flange and web thickness and width.

The production line of common H type steel is made up of some main equipment such as multiple tip gas cutting or Shear cutting machine, H-Beam Assembling machine, the gantry submerged Arc welding machine, straightening machine and shot blasting machine etc. The non-destructive welding test of the section is tested by radiographic technique under ANSI/AWS D1.1-98 standard,

Length 12.0m (app 40′-0″) depending on site accessibility for delivery, Beam lengths between 1240m and 21.0m require special transport.


Length ±1 mm
Width ±3111111
Depth ±5mm

Camber: up to 1 in 500 depending on length

Bow = up to 1 in 250 depending on length

  • Camber is the variation from straightness in the plane of the web
  • Bow is the variation from straightness in the plane perpendicular to the web

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