Pre-Painted Steel Sheet

Pre-Painted Steel Sheet

MCL color Panel is highly corrosion resistant Pre-Painted steel sheet used in steel structural constructions.These are metallic coat. Steel Panels used for Roofing, Cladding & False Ceiling In industrial, commercial or residential applications as well as in architectural appearances such as swimming pool, Fuel Pumps, indoor stadium and other sporting complexes, air hanger, Pedestal over bridge and underpass filling or railway station etc.

MCL Color Panels are rolled out In single skin trapezoidal shape by roll forming line maintaining proper design solution and optimization between extra stiffness and materials consumption. Sheets are custom roll-formed to suit given site measurements to a maximum length of 12m (appx.4. Depending on site accessibility for delivery, sheet length between 12m and 21m require special transportation.

Tolerance: Length 25 m.Cover Width 04 mm and Rib Height, mm.

The Steel Panel is corrugated from Pre-Painted Steel Sheet whose base materials has minimum thickness of 0.4) mm (Base metal thickness, BMT) Yield Strength 550 MPa made out of cold rolled steel and shall be coated with anti-corrosive layer of hot dip metallic Aluminium-Zinc alloy coating of Aluminium (S5961. Zinc (45*).

Base Steel: Cold Rolled Steel (0.42mm BMT)

Standard: AS 1397-1993 Grade80 (G550)

Yield Strength: 550 MPa

Pm-Treatment: Proprietary Corrosion Converting Coating

Substrate: Aluminium- Zinc alloy Coating AZ-150 (150g/m-2) or depending on the product. Aluminium (55%), Zinc (43.4%) & Silicon (1.6%) are Solidified at (600)”(0)c high temperature the whole struc-ture is a quaternary Al-Fe-Si-Zn which becomes a protection layer on the steel sheet hence preventing the penetration of corrosive factors on steel

Paint System: Primer Coating – Epoxy Primer Finish Coating – Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

Profile: Single Skin Trapezoidal

Fastener: 12-16x5Omm, Hex-head Self-Drilling or Self-Trapping Screw depending; on Support Thickness

Profile Specifications

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